Privacy policy

Storing and analysis of information

On its Website and in various information systems and web applications, referred to collectively in the following as CONTARGO Websites, CONTARGO makes information and software available for retrieval or downloading. Cookies can be important for the correct functioning of the CONTARGO Websites. To make your use of the Websites as convenient as possible, we may use cookies to save your login data and to ensure safe login and use of protected areas of the CONTARGO Websites.
CONTARGO reserves the right to use cookies or other appropriate techniques for the analysis of statistical data regarding requested combinations and last login time, for the purpose of optimising the functions of the CONTARGO Websites. The quality improvements thus obtained enable contents to be made available to the user which correspond to his individual interests. If constellations are derived from this which are interesting and advantageous for the user, CONTARGO may contact the user on this basis.
The user agrees to the storage of information necessary for these measures.
On our website, we offer users the opportunity to use our IMTIS web application free of charge. IMTIS makes transport planning in combined container traffic easier for logistics specialists. The web application helps the user to calculate transport costs and routes in combined traffic by inland waterway vessel, rail and road.
User registration is necessary to use the application. The following data is collected during the registration process (data marked with an asterisk is obligatory):
  • First name*
  • surname*
  • telephone number*
  • email address*
  • company name and address*
  • password*
The user can change the password as desired after registration. The user can also use the web application by specifying the following obligatory and optional data:
  • Street and house number, postcode, town, country
  • transport method, port, product, direction of traffic
  • container size, service date and extra services
The user is able to save the street, house number, postcode, town and country ("destinations") with the favourites function to facilitate new calculations for the user. The user can remove the destinations at any time via a recycle bin symbol. Other calculation parameters are not associated with the account and the favourites function.
The data is inputted via an input mask, transmitted to us and stored. The data is not passed on to third parties.
Cookies are used, the purpose of which is to provide the protected area to registered users. Registered users need to allow cookies to log in and to be able to use the associated additional functions. The sole purpose of these cookies is for identification within IMTIS.
The user’s consent to process this data is obtained during registration. The legal basis for data processing is the presence of a user consent Art. 6 Para.1 lit. a GDPR.
The purpose of data processing is the technical implementation of the web application to enable calculation and outlining of the result. Data processing by registration prevents misuse for security reasons.
Consent can be revoked at any time. The revocation must be sent to: The revocation will lead to deregistration. All aforementioned data collected from the user and processed is deleted within 7 days in this case. It is not possible to revoke consent separately while continuing to use IMTIS.